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Title A spreadsheet cell-meaning model for testing
Authors Daniel Kulesz
Year 2014
Type Proceedings
Publication First Workshop on Software Engineering Methods in Spreadsheets
Series July

Most attempts to test spreadsheets use the spreadsheet-internal model to automatically detect input, intermediate and output cells.

In this paper, we discuss an example which shows why this approach is problematic even for simple spreadsheets. Following this, we derive a number of requirements for more feasible spreadsheet cell-meaning models and describe a first prototype we have designed.

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Also see GitHub project: Spreadsheet Inspection Framework
Slides: A spreadsheet cell-meaning model for testing
Example spreadsheet
Example spreadsheet
Even a simple spreadsheet can have complex relationships between input, intermediate, and output cells. In this example, determining which cells are considered to be the outputs depends on the user and what they're using the spreadsheet for.
Cell-meaning model
Cell-meaning model
The proposed cell-meaning model, which separates input and output cells, permits users to specify cell meanings, and allows for different users to have different views of cell meaning.