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Our target audience is broad, covering everyone who works with spreadsheets.

We're especially focussed on the people who build spreadsheets used by others.

People who inherit a spreadsheet, built by someone else, receive a special mention – they need all the help they can get.

Everyone needs to have confidence in their spreadsheets

Our audience also includes managers and executives who rely on spreadsheets for informing their decision making. Even if – perhaps especially if – you didn't build the spreadsheets yourself, then you need to have confidence that those spreadsheets are correct.

Whatever your role, by perusing these guidelines you'll:

  • Understand why spreadsheet good practice matters.
  • Learn how to make better spreadsheets.

These guidelines are structured in a logical way, but it isn't necessary that you read them in sequence. More realistically, we expect that people will jump from topic to topic, driven by interest and need. That's fine, whatever works for you. We hope that you learn some useful things that make your spreadsheets better.