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We help you make better spreadsheets

Example of a common formula error

Spreadsheet testing

95% of all spreadsheets contain errors. If your spreadsheet hasn't been tested, then you cannot trust it to produce reliable, accurate, and robust results.

We identify errors and risky practices. Our spreadsheet methodology is based on extensive research and practical experience, using guidelines applied by experts.

To get your spreadsheets independently tested, please contact us.


Spreadsheet Development Life Cycle

Training in spreadsheet good practice

Good spreadsheets are an essential tool for informing decision making.
But most spreadsheets are not good.

Spreadsheet training typically describes features, like how to make a PivotTable. We have a different focus – we teach you how to make good spreadsheets.

The audience for our spreadsheet training is analysts and managers:

  • Understand why spreadsheet good practice matters.
  • Know how to make better spreadsheets.

For more information about our training options, please contact us.