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29 January 2024

Errors with spreadsheets are not only frustrating but can have serious consequences:

Spreadsheets represent unknown risks in the form of errors, privacy violations, trade secrets, and compliance violations. Yet they are also critical for the way many organizations make their decisions. For this reason, they have been described by experts as the "dark matter" of corporate IT.

Industry studies show that 90 percent of spreadsheets containing more than 150 rows have at least one major mistake.

...The underlying cause of these spreadsheet problems is not the software but human error.

...Many of us don't consider spreadsheets to warrant serious consideration. This means we become complacent and assume there is no need to test, validate, or verify our work.

Ars Technica, 29 January 2024

Full article: We keep making the same mistakes with spreadsheets, despite bad consequences