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Title A generalised spreadsheet verification methodology
Authors Nick Randolph, John Morris, & Gareth Lee
Year 2002
Type Article
Publication Australian Computer Science Communications
Series Volume 24, Number 1, pages 215-222

Although spreadsheets have been around for over thirty years, we are only just realising their importance. Most companies use spreadsheets in their decision-making processes, but rarely employ any form of testing.

This paper shows how an "all-uses" test adequacy technique can be integrated into Microsoft's Excel. The modular technique adopted makes the implementation spreadsheet package independent. It also includes a user interface, to assist developers specify test cases and a technique for recording test cases and session information. In particular it presents a systematic technique for constructing test cases.

As a key problem with spreadsheet development is the inexperience of developers, this paper describes an easy to use tool that will improve the standard of spreadsheets developed.

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Example cell relation graph
Example cell relation graph

This figure illustrates a Cell Relation Graph between the cells A1 and A2 (in Excel these formulae are written as "=if(B1=5,99,98)" and "=A1" respectively).

Execution of a cell starts with the Entry (E) node, follows a single path through the cell and ends with the Exit (X) node.

Each dashed box holds the formula graph for a particular cell. The solid arrows illustrate the flow of control, while the dashed lines represent the flow of data between cells.