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Jacome Cunha, Joao Paulo Fernandes, Pedro Martins, Jorge Mendes, & Joao Saraiva


This tool demo paper presents SmellSheet Detective: a tool for automatically detecting bad smells in spreadsheets.

We have defined a catalog of bad smells in spreadsheet data which was fully implemented in a reusable library for the manipulation of spreadsheets. This library is the building block of the SmellSheet Detective tool, that has been used to detect smells in large, real-world spreadsheets within the EUSES corpus, in order to validate and evolve our bad smells catalog.


Smells in the Euses corpus
Smells in the Euses corpus

Running the SmellSheet Detective tool on 180 spreadsheets from the Euses corpus resulted in 22% of cells (285 from 1315) being identified as smells that deteriorate the quality of the spreadsheet.


2012, IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, September/October, pages 243–244

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SmellSheet Detective: A tool for detecting bad smells in spreadsheets