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Within Lloyds Banking Group the heritage HBOS Corporate division deals with Corporate loans, and is required to assess these loans for risk in accordance with the Basle Accord regulations.

Statistical Risk Rating models are developed by the risk analysts to assess the obligors credit worthiness. It is necessary then to provide the bankers who originated the loan ('Relationship Managers' or RMs) with an assessment tool to generate the loan rating upon which they base their lending decisions.

Heritage HBOS Corporate required a new model build system for holding its Risk Rating models in 2006 as a result of more complex models being created to comply with the Basle Accord. The use of Excel was promoted by the IT department for a number of reasons; the Excel solution now in use is reviewed in this paper.


Nexus Model Designer example.

The Nexus Model Designer (NMD) wizard automatically creates two formula formats: the standard Excel array formula and a user-friendly NMD version.

For example:

  • Standard Excel array formula: =MAX(IF(SecDI!$B$5:$B$754=SEC_GTEEADJ!$B5,IF(SecDI1!$C$5:$C$754=1,SecDI!$L$5:$L$754)))
  • NMD array formula: =MAX(SecDI.ExposureResidualMaturity [SecDI.SecurityID = SEC_GteeADJ.SecurityID AND SecDI1.LinkFlag = 1 ] )


2009, EuSpRIG

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Excel modelling: Transparency, auditing and business use