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Maria Csernoch & Piroska Biro


Based on the Spreadsheet Competency Framework for finance professionals, in the present paper we introduce the Edu-Edition of the Spreadsheet Competency Framework (E2SCF).

We claim that building spreadsheet competences should start in education, as early as possible, and this process is a lot more effective if support arrives from expert teachers.

The main feature of E2SCF is high mathability computer-supported real world problem solving. This approach is based on – from the very beginning of training – a two-directional knowledge transfer, data and error analysis and handling, and the programming aspect of spreadsheets.

Based on these features, E2SCF is set up for basic and general users to build up firm spreadsheet knowledge and to develop transferable problem solving skills and competences.


SCF for basic and general users
SCF for basic and general users

Our competency framework, part of which is shown in this figure, includes sections for:

  • Problem solving.
  • Basic ICT skills.
  • Design and best practice.
  • Formulas.
  • Formatting.

The table considers only two levels; basic and general users (BU and GU).

The competences listed in the table would serve as the basis for further studies in ICT and also as a tool for strengthening concepts in other sciences, especially in mathematics.


2017, EuSpRIG

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Edu-edition spreadsheet competency framework