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Simon Thorne


This paper describes the rationale, curriculum and subject matter of a new MSc module being taught on an MSc Finance and Information Management course at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff.

Academic research on spreadsheet risks now has some penetration in academic literature and there is a growing body of knowledge on the subjects of spreadsheet error, human factors, spreadsheet engineering, "best practice", spreadsheet risk management and various techniques used to mitigate spreadsheet errors.

This new MSc module in End User Computing Risk Management is an attempt to pull all of this research and practitioner experience together to arm the next generation of finance spreadsheet champions with the relevant knowledge, techniques and critical perspective on an emerging discipline.


The specific learning outcomes of the module are as follows:

  • Critically evaluate the role of End User Computing (EUC) in modern organisations.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the risks associated with EUC, specifically spreadsheet error.
  • Understand the role Human Factors plays in spreadsheet development.
  • Evaluate and discuss methods applied to spreadsheets to reduce errors presented in academic research.
  • Formulate suitable management strategies for management of EUC in organisations.
  • Understand the role of legal, management and technological policies for the control of EUC in organisations.


2010, EuSpRIG

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Defending the future: An MSc module in end user computing risk management