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Simon Murphy


This management summary provides an outline of a commercial spreadsheet review process.

The aim of this process is to ensure remedial or enhancement work can safely be undertaken on a spreadsheet with a commercially acceptable level of risk of introducing new errors.


XLAnalyst metrics
XLAnalyst metrics

XLAnalyst provides a brief summary report.

Workbook metrics give a sense of the type of workbook. There are several interesting things in this example:

  • Over 200 worksheets might suggest that potential design improvements could be made.
  • Almost a million formulas might suggest a database could be a more suitable tool for this system.
  • A very large number of blank cells in the used range would suggest some mild used range corruption, and sure enough resetting the last cell on each sheet reduced the file size from 179Mb to 69Mb, and more importantly reduced the chance of more serious corruption later.
  • Finding the client's problem could be difficult in such a spreadsheet, this could end up as a migration job rather than a find and fix job.


2006, EuSpRIG

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