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Jacome Cunha, Joao Paulo Fernandes, Christophe Peixoto, & Joao Saraiva


In this paper we present a quality model for spreadsheets, based on the ISO/IEC 9126 standard that defines a generic quality model for software. To each of the software characteristics defined in the ISO/IEC 9126, we associate an equivalent spreadsheet characteristic. Then, we propose a set of spreadsheet specific metrics to assess the quality of a spreadsheet in each of the defined characteristics.

In order to obtain the normal distribution of expected values for a spreadsheet in each of the metrics that we propose, we have executed them against all spreadsheets in the large and widely used EUSES spreadsheet corpus. Then, we quantify each characteristic of our quality model after computing the values of our metrics, and we define quality scores for the different ranges of values.

Finally, to automate the attribution of a quality score to a given spreadsheet, according to our quality model, we have integrated the computation of the metrics it includes in both a batch and a web-based tool.


ISO/IEC 9126 standard for software quality
ISO/IEC 9126 standard for software quality

We define a quality model for spreadsheets based on the widely accepted ISO/IEC 9126 international standard for software product quality. This standard provides a terminology regarding the concept of software product quality that distinguishes six main characteristics. These characteristics are then sub-divided in sub-characteristics.


2012, 8th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology, September

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A quality model for spreadsheets