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The VLOOKUP slayer: XLOOKUP debuts Excel
28 August 2019

Introducing XLOOKUP, a replacement for VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.

The main benefits of XLOOKUP:

  • Can find the last match!
  • Can look to the left!
  • Defaults to an exact match (unlike VLOOKUP which defaults to True for the 4th argument).
  • Defaults to not support wildcards, but you can explicitly allow wildcards if you want them.
  • Has all the speed improvements released to VLOOKUP in 2018.
  • No longer relies on Column Number, so it won't break if someone inserts a column in the middle of the lookup table.
  • Performance improvement because you are only specifying two columns instead of the whole lookup table.
  • XLOOKUP returns a range instead of VLOOKUP returning a value.

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