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Microsoft Excel: Rules for designing Excel workbooks
3 September 2017

Q. Is there a list of standard Excel design rules we should be following as we create new Excel worksheets?

A. By following a common set of spreadsheet design rules, companies can produce more consistent workbooks that may be easier to review, edit, and use by others in their organizations:

  • Documentation.
  • Table of contents.
  • Print macro buttons.
  • Avoid embedded assumptions.
  • Well-organized worksheet assumptions.
  • Assumptions in yellow cells.
  • Name assumption cells.
  • Error-checking formulas.
  • Organize your template by worksheets.
  • Simplify complex calculations.
  • Explanations.
  • Consistent look and feel.
  • Add File Properties.
  • Cross-footing and error-checking formulas.
  • Worksheet protection.

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