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Think about a spreadsheet that you're familiar with.

For each question below, select the answer that best describes that spreadsheet.

When you've answered all the questions, click the "Assess risk" button to calculate an indication of the spreadsheet's level of risk.

How important is the spreadsheet?

How often is the spreadsheet used?

How many people use the spreadsheet?

How skilled are the spreadsheet users, on average?

How many worksheets are there?

How complex are the spreadsheet's formulae?

What is the spreadsheet used for? (Select all that apply, if any)

What features are used by the spreadsheet? (Select all that apply, if any)

How well has the spreadsheet been tested?

How much documentation does the spreadsheet have?

How many people contributed to developing the spreadsheet?

Are the main developers still available?

What spreadsheet controls are used? (Select all that apply, if any)

Risk rating: 

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About this quiz

This quiz rates risk as either Critical, High, Medium, or Low. The rating is only indicative.

The assessment is a weighted average of your answers. Particularly risky factors – such as critical importance, high complexity, and lack of testing – have greater weight. Risk is partly offset by the use of good practices and controls.

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The questions are based on research into spreadsheet risk factors, specifically:

For more information about how we can help you manage your spreadsheet risk, please contact us.