Spreadsheet bibliography

Title Towards a catalog of spreadsheet smells
Authors Jacome Cunha, Joao Paulo Fernandes, Hugo Ribeiro, & Joao Saraiva
Year 2012
Type Proceedings
Publication 12th international conference on computational science and its applications
Series Volume Part IV, pages 202-216

Spreadsheets are considered to be the most widely used programming language in the world, and reports have shown that 90% of real-world spreadsheets contain errors.

In this work, we try to identify spreadsheet smells, a concept adapted from software, which consists of a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem. Our smells have been integrated in a tool, and were computed for a large spreadsheet repository. Finally, the analysis of the results we obtained led to the refinement of our initial catalog.

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SmellSheet Detective architecture
SmellSheet Detective architecture
SmellSheet Detective uses the Java programming language, Google Web Toolkit, Apache POI library and the Google libraries to work with spreadsheets from the Google Docs. We also support spreadsheets written using desktop applications.