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Title SpreadsheetDoc: An Excel add-in for documenting spreadsheets
Authors Diogo Canteiro & Jacome Cunha
Year 2015
Type Proceedings
Publication 6th National Symposium of Informatics
Series September

Documentation is an important artefact of any software product. This is also the case for spreadsheets where, even considering an industrial setting, only 30% have some kind of documentation. This makes their usage and maintenance very difficult.

In this paper we describe a tool, SpreadsheetDoc, that allows users to document spreadsheets in a structured way, allowing them to describe different parts of spreadsheets.

For instance, for (future) spreadsheet users, it is possible to describe input and output cells, and for (future) developers, it is possible to describe computation, that is, formulas: their arguments, their internal computations, and their outputs.

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Dialogue to document an output cell
Dialogue to document an output cell

Output cells are where the user usually sees the results produced by the other cells. Thus, these are probably the most important cells for end users.

The "Output" button opens a dialogue with two text boxes, one (in read-only mode) showing a list with all the output cells (name and type) of the spreadsheet, and a text box to describe the current selected output cell.