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Title Extension and implementation of ClassSheet models
Authors Jacome Cunha, Joao Paulo Fernandes, Jorge Mendes, & Joao Saraiva
Year 2012
Type Proceedings
Publication IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing
Series September, pages 19-22

In this paper we explore the use of models in the context of spreadsheet engineering. We review a successful spreadsheet modeling language, whose semantics we further extend. With this extension we bring spreadsheet models closer to the business models of spreadsheets themselves.

An addon for a widely used spreadsheet system, providing bidirectional model-driven spreadsheet development, was also improved to include the proposed model extension.

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The ClassSheet language
The ClassSheet language
This is a formal definition of the ClassSheets language, with extensions in red. We propose embedding ClassSheet models in spreadsheet systems, allowing simple evolution of models so that the structure of their data instances is automatically updated.