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Title A pragmatic approach to the specification of Excel spreadsheets - Part 2
Authors David Harrison & David A. Howard
Year 2007
Type Article
Publication Pharma IT Journal
Series Volume 1, Number 3, July, pages 29-35

GxP critical spreadsheets need to undergo specification to ensure that the user's needs and the spreadsheet's functionality is clearly defined and documented.

This paper describes a pragmatic approach to the specification of Excel spreadsheets using a single generic document. The approach described is easily transferred to other simple systems such as databases and standalone instrumentation.

This continues the series of short articles describing a generic process for validating Excel Spreadsheets. A previous article gave an overview to the process, whilst a subsequent topic will cover the testing and qualification.

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Spreadsheet specification document

Outline of the spreadsheet specification document:

  • Section 1 – Introduction.
  • Section 2 – System overview.
  • Section 3 - User requirements.
  • Section 4 – Functional specification.
  • Section 5 – Glossary.
  • Section 6 – References.
  • Appendix A – User requirements table details.
  • Appendix B – Functional specification and worksheet contents.
  • Appendix C – Workbook display & printouts.
  • Appendix D – Macros included in workbook.
  • Appendix E – Training records.
  • Appendix F – Risk assessment.