Spreadsheet bibliography

Title 8 ways to avoid worksheet errors
Authors Steven E. Miller
Year 1989
Type Article
Publication Lotus
Series February, pages 50-53

We all hope it won't happen to us, but building an error into a spreadsheet is almost inevitable. The problem can be as innocent as an incorrect value entered into a cell or an insidious as an inaccurate cell reference in an @SUM function.

Unless you like to live dangerously, the best way to avoid errors is to incorporate some error checking into your worksheets. This article describes eight simple techniques that can help you identify and eliminate worksheet errors.

Like anything else, error checking has its price. It takes time and effort, and it uses computer memory. In addition, some of the techniques described may result in slower worksheet calculations. But if you base business decisions on the worksheets you create, the extra work, the memory overhead, and the slight performance degradation are justified.

Many of the techniques described signal when something is wrong in your spreadsheet. It is up to you to pay attention to these signals and correct the problem.

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